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Your mind is as dark as the moon without the sun's flames
A world with you in it is hollow at its core
We are blind because we've no need for eyes in the dark
You're attracted to the light not, but for its warmth
You emit naught, for in you there was never a heart
Every act to which you commit, was one to attain
Never is the endless still abyss, all that you have ever been
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 1 0
Don't try there is no way for you to succeed
You want me to wave the white flag and concede
There are other ways not only the choices you present
With what you've so far and repeatedly provided I am utterly discontent
From your way of thought and your notions I secede
In imagined identity I will no longer believe and pay heed
In your civil society in truth I cannot confide
I cannot quietly sit back and pretend to enjoy the ride
You want me to conform to the norm and relent
So that you can pretend to a uniform consent
I will stand and voice all I can, not with pride
But with the full knowledge that I am in for a cruel and dirty fight
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
Measures edified into inches, viagratic descent
Emotional aphrodisiac through superior erectile content
Faster, harder, longer, deeper the intellectual geography
Socio-political realpolitik the neo-entertainment pornography
Servile hordes playing the whore
Screaming out for more of the addiction, pain and bloody war
Neo-Rome arisen once more to settle the none-existent score
By popular consent flagrant lies made to be true
All the while the ill gotten gain they accrue
Bloody hell is the world imagined as picturesque
In-depth inhumanity the true face of the populace, is thus grotesque
Appended normative value is humanity
A transplant ruthlessly rejected for brutality
Humanity the hollowed hallowed husk
A word that signifies a popular sound worn as a musk
To conceal the repugnant stench that lays 'neath that is shared  
By the servile beast, the populace, the wretched, the common herd
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 1 1
I hear what you have to say
From every word unspoken
I know who you are
Through every action untaken
I feel your confusion
By the brow's expression never made
I comprehend you
Illuminated by the efforts never meant to make
In this world you live in
Some scream and some sing
Some to life cling and some see life as a final fling
Some bind through the ring to encircle and blind through bling
The veneer is base and thin
To truth we pretend a lean
Imagine to be all we've never been
The lie we live so clean
Its reiteration breathed in as pristine
The nauseous fumes ignitable as gasoline
All the tell tale signs psychosomatically shaded into the unseen
Drawn into the mental landscape the mediated Trojan
Pubescent cerebral penetration victory over the experiential virgin
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
After's thought
Divinity a rank pedestal in a maze, the pronouncements of the near crazed
Hasten insanity, I have uttered in the night and so in the sun's bright light
Half crazed and rank of the midnight stew, that I hewn from a vine or two
Derogated by men's worlds and the pungent allure of dastardly desires
Deviatory designs with which I have pledged to bind them in wreaths
Rapture in all I know to be true including all but nature's one sad brew
Subdued minds gone astray in the stile that's kept humanity at bay
Lay siege till the hangmen's noose, but few ever scale and so the truth seems obscenely obtuse
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
Parchment's stain
Evening's wane the wake to Valhalla
Men of March and of stout hew
Cue to wipe blemish from the hail
Milieu of mêlée to slay the askew
Reign not for men but lexis
Eternity's gate budges for the fugue
Thought stained parchments of amusing guile
'Neath every leaf and 'twixt every roll men bemused
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
Of a woe who dost feast with ravenous rage, hear
Beheld in a hive's mind, a confounded copulative fear
From morn to eve's wane, similes sown and re-edified
The caged from within, forged to form have mollified
Epidermal fictions hast razed the mind, to the dormant depths of the stile
Hath divisions imagined made real, for the ardent arms of petty parentage to instill
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
Nowhere man
Wherever I be, I refuse to be other than me
I feign through hint to be of the world
A crass attempt to hind the nowhere twirls
Thus 'tis led me here and there
To be a man of nowhere
A ceaseless hunt to find a fare
That in the finale will lead me there
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
Of a woe who dost feast with ravenous rage, hear
Beheld in a hive's mind a confounded copulative fear
From morn to eve's wane similes sown and re-edified
The caged from within forged to form have mollified
Epidermal fictions hast raised the mind to the dormant depths of the stile
Hath divisions imagined made real for the ardent arms of petty parentage to instill
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
Dilapidated mental constructs set deviants acast
To demise so perceiving might
Adrift, prayers to the mast of the sea Poseidon
Confab emergings of the old and new
'Twix the twin silken glue
Real-estate for sale and rent amid the drums that to sound attend
Concourse of hegemonic thrones that lead to all that is pretence
Emergings astute to rule the small and feeble but in number immense
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
In the light 2
In the light of day
A slow blade in the slow draft
No sounds or silence
The creeping is seen
Bets are placed
In the light of day
A known assailant kills
No one looks away
Winnings are colleted
The saunterers continue
Stay with me
Says the dark
Stay with me
Says the dank
Stay with me
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
In the light
The stem and gauge of the collective rage
Insanity the mass commenced dynasty
The curd bubbling hatred of the blank stare
Eviscerated minds bonded to motion
De-culturation of humanity the mass construct
Patterns reiterate the living's dance
For a glance's breath we can see humanity's reflection in the mirror
Wombs birthing the stillborn to reenact the tale of a tribe long gone
Dilettantes feigning culture, motion and emotion
Ineptitude the Holy Grail to which all hold
Silence an inescapable molasses to which they are bound
The hounding of howling endures
Cures are not sought so why should they be found?
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
I am
Testimonials about the illest times you'll ever see
My motto my decree
No it's not about your drunken ass posing for some retarded chicks
Not about fish'n, the push, the squirt and release
Trying to get your jack off
Directed, collected in my hits
Postman's rage ain't my thing
You'll never here my rhyme, but feel it's deadly sting
Half of you never left home and you've come to my world and expect to weather the storm of my thoughts, my conjurings and mental charts
I am the navigator of my world.
The instigator that leads to your mental corps
In an instance, but not a whim you're done in
In stunning allegiance you're balance I've construed
Perturbed at your staggered response
No commotion my buttery fluid motion has you undone
You were never a child and now not a man so be gone
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
From nature to naturalization, from plebs to nationalization
This is not about great men portrayed by your weak school texts
It's not about where you grew up and who've you've done in
No, it's much simpler than that, like a hat trick
Mediocrity the conjurer has you fooled
It ain't about who you are, but what your not
You're just another overlap of a national persona
The fetus made stillborn and you always thought you're gonna
Be yourself and can you?
From nature to naturalization, from plebs to nationalization
This is not about who you choose as your oppressor at the ballot box
It's not about who you know or who you hang with
No, it's much simpler than that, like the bathroom mirror
Who are you made to see? When did you ever try to break free?
It ain't about who you are, but about who you can be
You're just another number in the populace and to the name of humanity a disgrace
The blip on the radar, which never was, but a mirage, a silhouette of man
Be yourself if you can
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
It's the beginnings and endings of all things
The imagined, good and evil, surreal and real
All this made to be, through no uncertain conjuring
I'm talk'n about language
I'm talk'n about language
Jabbering mouths making what they don't know and can't see
Yammering about, sewing seed of distrust and faith, of divisions made
It ain't by happenstance, you need to look man, and I mean more than a glance
I'm talk'n about language
I'm talk'n about language
It's all about language
Voices, the inception of the violence you feel and fear
Whispers and rumors of the causes of your next tear
No, it's not about who you listen to, but what you hear
I'm talk'n about language man
Language, that's what I'm talk'n about
That's right, language
You hear me?
I'm talk'n about language
You know what I'm talk'n about
Words, sentences, connotations, tones, intonations
That's right
I'm talk'n about language
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0
Here's the injunction
Here's where you sit and what you should do
Here's the construction
Here's what you'll believe, watch and listen to
Here's the arrangement
Here's list you will pick from and belong to
Here's the engagement
Here's the cause for which you will kill and die for
The cipher is easy to decrypt its complexity a myth
Idle minds, a socialized dis-ease from which few have ever thought a release
Confinement is the norm and the gloom of the cattle that conform
Refuse, they are content to weather the storm
Not ever reaching for a greater world to create
Bounds and boundaries are etched in the slab of stone you call a mind
You're born adrift and tread water till you just can't, no more
So you give up your last breath, but it doesn't end there
Cycle of forevermore, it claims your young for the next rung
Systematically, to your knees you've been brought
Your humanity has all too easily succumbed
:iconfluxingnation:FluxingNation 0 0


Urbanix by shaysapir Urbanix :iconshaysapir:shaysapir 12 1 Birkenau by KashiDerGrosse Birkenau :iconkashidergrosse:KashiDerGrosse 7 2 Anlieger Holger by djunity Anlieger Holger :icondjunity:djunity 1 0 Jump by djunity Jump :icondjunity:djunity 1 0 Landschaftspark HDR III by djunity Landschaftspark HDR III :icondjunity:djunity 2 0
All We Are
"All We Are"
With one breath, I want to create
Turn this existence inside out
Bring upon destruction to the grandeur
And when the world comes to an end
I want to know that you'll stand
At the dawn of a new sun with me
Fading away into the light
Breaking apart at the onslaught
As the darkness consumes us all
The purgatory locked in my mind
A withering dimension void of time
Slipping away from the redundancy
A reconstruction of the species
Much like twisting vines along the landscape
Clutching to what little is their life
In this new humanity there shall rein
Volatile aristocratic coupled with a domestic
Over a land crippled with insanity
:iconxioalanderwriting:XioalanderWriting 1 0
Beat Control
Turn on the radio
all I hear is blah, blah, blah
and gaga ga
The words lost to the beat
and we greet the deciet
with a smile on our faces
content to be without content
somewhere along the way we lost the plot
and we've been bought
by the industry..which is the system
But I will not be sold
I will vent and dissent
against this world of many
controlled by the few
who try to block our view
Just look over the wall
and you will see it all
though your eyes may burn
you will learn
What is true..
:iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 1 0
It's only me
In a foreign land
Outside my home, outside my mind
I met a man and he asked me
Do you like it here?
I convinced myself and told him
What he wanted to hear
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe everything's fine
Maybe, just maybe, it's only me.
They say I can be more
Not just someones whore
I fell like an outline
A sketch of what I really am
I don't know what I want
But I know it's mine
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe everything's fine
Maybe, just maybe, it's only me.
Maybe, just maybe, it's only me.
:iconcoconutcueball:CoconutCueball 2 2
The Human Condition by sergefoglio The Human Condition :iconsergefoglio:sergefoglio 12 24 Urbanix 62 by shaysapir Urbanix 62 :iconshaysapir:shaysapir 325 70 Cave Panorama by JimmyDr Cave Panorama :iconjimmydr:JimmyDr 2 2 roses by jotcha roses :iconjotcha:jotcha 2 1 UrbanAngle by shaysapir UrbanAngle :iconshaysapir:shaysapir 20 12 Flea Market by shaysapir Flea Market :iconshaysapir:shaysapir 164 50 DA id july 2010 by sergefoglio DA id july 2010 :iconsergefoglio:sergefoglio 5 4 Urbanix 28 by shaysapir Urbanix 28 :iconshaysapir:shaysapir 23 9



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